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When documentary meets the artistry of cinematic filmmaking. We value the sentiment of a beautiful memory and at the end of our lives, all we have to look back on are the experiences we had and the memories we made. We view our lives as a roadmap of a journey, visualized by the footprints we leave behind. As we retrace these footprints, we often find remnants of our past, moments that may jog us to remember the bigger picture. Traces that help us remember the beautiful, and at other times, the difficult. Sometimes we remember the little details, and at other times our most cherished moments. The friends we made, and the loved ones from afar. These memories are precious to us. They are what makes us who we are. And as we continue our journey and our roadmap becomes larger, we often look back noticing that our memories become fainter, and often times quieter. Your wedding is the beginning of a legacy that is beautiful and unique. An origin story worth telling, worth remembering. Our job is to document beautiful love stories, the little details, and all of the meaningful moments in between.

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As a husband and wife duo, Karlo & Zadie's specialty is capturing cherished moments between couples. They understand the value of a moment that touches the heart but passes so quickly. It's these magic, fleeting moments that K&Z FILM exists to document, preserve, & celebrate.

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This power couple went above and beyond!

We had procrastinated on finding a videographer and were looking around at other videographers. To our dismay, we noticed that a lot of the videographers out there were just taking videos, putting them together, and adding music over it. Karlo and Zadie, on the other hand, create art. 

If you’re lucky enough to come across K&Z FILM, you should already be booking them! Best videographers, hands down. No one else compares.