We understand the value of a powerful memory. A memory that can speak to our soul and can touch our heart. The beautiful thing about being able to trace back to a moment is its ability to bring us back to the bigger picture. Was it a feeling, a sound, a smell, or a flavor? These precious memories deserve a particular touch that photography alone cannot fulfill.

Meet the duo behind the camera



Karlo & Zadie

We began K&Z FILM at the end of 2021. What started as a hobby went head first into becoming an obsessive passion. We have always loved the art of filmmaking but it takes a special talent in finding a diamond between a staged moment and an authentic one. These are the moments that bring our films to life. You are uniquely perfect and your wedding film should look and feel like you. We understand the value of a beautiful wedding film and let’s face it, a wedding film just hits different when it’s crafted by someone who truly honors the legacy you're trying to build together.

We’re documenting your day but most importantly, we are also celebrating with you. The celebration of love and commitment is truly the main reason why we even do this. We’re softies at heart and we’re always grateful to be along for the ride. We’re obsessed with documenting a moment but we also know how to make a moment look and feel larger than life. 

as we are!

fun & in love

We Exist for couples as

They intentionally blended into the background and let me & my guests enjoy the night.

- Asher & Cody

They were so professional and so understanding, not once making me feel stressed out, and it was clear they came prepared and knew what they were doing. They intentionally blended into the background and let me and my guests enjoy the night. Karlo & his beautiful wife Zadie did a phenomenal job and they were my saving grace when it came to my wedding last month. My wedding was planned in 5 months, and we were determined to have a videographer.

K&Z ARE SO WORTH IT. Brides: Book thIS videographer!